Chocolate was never this healthy


“So Yummy” is an incredibly healthy chocolate alternative.  “So Yummy”, a new treat on the market that will make you feel light and satisfied. It is made of Amaranth the Aztec’s super food. Amaranth  is high in protein, Vitamin C, has more Calcium than milk, has the same amount of Iron as Spinach, and is gluten free.  “So Yummy” combines Amaranth with high-quality dark, milk, and white chocolates. Our secret recipes are made with just a few special ingredients designed especially for you and your whole family to enjoy.

“So Yummy” is the guilty free chocolate!

Amaranth the Super-Grain of the Future!

Amaranth is a crop of America utilized in Teotihuacan around 5,500 years back. It was the Aztecs super food highly appreciated for its nutritional properties, religious ceremonies, economical value and harvest resistance. There are approximately 60 species of Amaranth, the most common is  Amaranthus cruentus and Amaranthus hypochondriacus. Amaranth seeds were important for the economy and religious purposes of the Aztecs, it gave them power and prestigious. Aztecs had to pay a tribute to the emperor Moctezuma II with Amaranth seeds. They used to extract coloring from the flowers to decorate their religious customs. They use the seeds to make food for the religious leaders.



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  1. Its a tad weird the first time you try it but after the first bite i was like what is this… It was totally awesome and just super tasty while at the same time not being overly sweet like chiocolate can be and having some consistence its just super good.

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